Indicative map

The map indicates the walking journeys created in England & Wales (plus overseas destinations) & followed by groups using a ‘developmental’ approach to pilgrimage.

The ancient concept of ‘journeying to a specific goal for a personal or social efficacious purpose’ was used.

The ‘goal centred’ (& therefore ‘direct’) nature of the journey was used with a recognition that the ‘process’ of the journey provides (in various ways) a major part of the ‘efficacy’ of the action.

Most of the peregrinations listed occurred before digital media evolved to allow easy publication.

A number of shorter walks, largely in the Welsh Border area, have been recorded each with its own web page.

The 2012 walk is recorded at:

The 2013 ‘Soul-Cake Devotees’ is recorded at:

The 2014 walk is recorded at:

A walk in 2015 headed east

The 2016 40th Anniversary walk is recorded at:


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