Into Eden

The outline of a journey for April 2011 which further explores the potential for a pilgrimage route connecting St. Asaph in North Wales and  Glasgow.

The places mentioned in bold text are the overnight resting points

The route of this walk starts in Lancaster and travels up the Lune Valley and into that of the River Eden finishing at a collection of sites all of which reflect the ancient story of Britain:

Kirkoswald, Great Salkeld and Long Meg and her daughters: Two saints (Oswald and Cuthbert) and one of the largest stone circles in England.

This pilgrimage thus has had a tri-partite destination.

The route being followed relates to the long term intention of exploring a continuous route from Glasgow to St Asaph associated with St. Mungo/Kentigern who was associated with both places. It therefore follows, wherever possible, the route (or close to the route) of the Roman roads that led through North West England. Parts of this walk are sited on the precise route of the road that led through the Lune Valley to the Eden Valley. This route, used from ancient times, still features in modern developments being, through gaps in the hills near Tebay, used by rail and motorway (the older Roman road is clearly visible from both).

As well as providing a link in the longer route this pilgrimage provides, as usual with these events, an opportunity to gain greater understanding of past and present and through use of village and church halls an opportunity to engage with the communities along the route.

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