To a Grave Beyond


The following pages are a description of a walk made during late March and early April 2010, from Chester, UK to the grave of the black ‘servant’ at Sunderland Point, Lancashire, England.

The walk had two purposes:

1. A pilgrimage starting on Palm Sunday to a suitably reflective  destination. As such it was another in the style developed over many years which provided for personal reflection and development of understanding of our present society.

2. In starting at Chester the pilgrimage explores the potential for a walking route through the industrial North West of England that could form part of a longer trail linking Glasgow in Scotland and St. Asaph in Wales.

For both of these purposes the walk was entirely successful. For the pilgrimage, the destination, the route and the experiences worked together to create a profound impression on the two walkers that traced the whole route.

The planned route, which was based on being as direct as possible proved to be completely accessible and in many places had qualities greater than expected.

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