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A Coastal Shuffle: North Norfolk, July 2017


This page has been prompted by lively discussions in a shop in Holt, in the popular coastal region of North Norfolk, UK.

The staff had a workshop overlooking the street and commented on the manner in which we as a ‘Society’, with many seeming to have increased leisure time & be constantly on the move:

People of all descriptions ‘forever seeking some new thing’, making a series of journeys to ‘places of apparent interest’,  but around which the visitor then wanders…

maybe expecting but generally simply staring without absorbing or even noticing any detail

…. in an aimless shuffle.

So here is an iPhone-photo collection of random observations & encounters from such a journey

coasthopper map

They are presented in an east – west order on a line from Sheringham, through Blakeney, Stiffkey, Wells next the Sea, to Burnham Market: known locally as ‘Chelsea on Sea’.





In Blakeney is the surviving remains of a building with continual charitable ownership for local community purposes which may have begun with construction by the local Carmelite Friars

the building had many uses including

the shades of whom may still be present?


Stiffkey Parish church:

and in the cemetery is the grave of the famously unfortunate de-frocked Rector of Stiffkey, Harold Davidson, who died following a public mauling by a lion whilst performing, in Skegness, as the prophet Daniel.


Davidson’s trial and subsequent ‘de-frocking’, were a national scandal both in regard to the issues and the manner in which the Anglican Church demonstrated its usual inability to manage sensitively its own less-than-conventional professionals.
The grave appears to have no name – and is recognised simply by the quote from Robert Louis Stevenson
‘For on faith in man and genuine love of man all searching after truth must be found.’


The marshes






Wells next the Sea






Burnham Market



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