A UK Workshop on Social Enterprise

The Workshop is based in two contrasting places:

Wrexham (Wales)

Bishop’s Castle (England)

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The second gathering of the project partners occurs between

22ND – 26TH FEBRUARY 2017





A programme exploring a variety of education & learning methodologies capable of use in Social Enterprise organisations.

The workshop is based at

Glyndwr University


Bishop’s Castle


Wrexham & Bishop’s Castle are both on the Welsh – English Border

the national border approximates to part of the geographical boundary that separates Britain into two zones: ‘highland’ (north and west) & ‘lowland’ (south and east).

This geographical division has produced social & cultural division.

The large rectangular shaped hill region (three sides sea and one, land) projecting from what became  ‘England’ was ‘Mae’r tir y Cymry’ or ‘Wales’ (from an Old English word for a ‘foreigner’).


Between the C6th & C16th centuries the history of the region contained periods of disturbance and warfare – as the name ‘Bishop’s Castle’ suggests.

Whilst both towns developed as ‘chartered’ market towns, their recent history of is very different. Together they provide an interesting example of the manner in which the UK has developed.

Wrexham became an important centre of ‘heavy’ industry (mineral extraction & manufacturing) & remained well connected to national road and rail networks.

Bishop’s Castle, a small market town in an area of pastoral farming, quietly declined (even the local railway was developed, unsuccessfully, by accident)

Presently both places, following decline of traditional ‘primary’ industries once again, share a common purpose: to develop social and economic activity that is appropriate and capable of sustaining local communities.

The Workshop will provide participants with opportunities for engaging with these concerns & developing understanding as to the way socially focused enterprise assists local development.

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