The Workshop in Bishop’s Castle

This page records the processes associated with the educational related workshop on social enterprise managed by Pathways ID.

The workshop provides a base for work during the project on relevant educational  activities & material.





The preparatory period aims to

  • explore workshop participants’ thoughts, ideas, understanding
  • assemble themes
  • consider the manner & timing in which, during the project, they are to be explored.

Themes include

  • Initiative
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Management issues
  • Ownership
  • Learning organisation
  • Volunteers
  • Educational Techniques

The Workshop will provide encounters with examples of entrepreneurship:

  • How does a rural community survive?
  • What initiatives are necessary?
  • What skills and experience are required & available?

Colleagues on a previous Pathways’ workshop, working independently on a theme of enterprise, economy & culture,  produced a ‘snapshot report’ based on observations made during an investigative walk round the town.

The report (click here to view report-in-pictures) was, with other material presented to the Mayor and Town Council

 Some specific information regarding the Workshop

The workshop in Bishop’s Castle includes


Exploring Context

Experiencing Volunteering

(which will be, of course, entirely voluntary)

A key element in many Social Enterprises is, as evidenced from research in the UK, the use of volunteers. This aspect will feature in a practical manner during the workshop.




Engaging with the locality


Explaining personally related Imagery: Developing communication skills

Meals & Music:
Bishop’s Castle has limited options therefore Pathways has (as usual) made arrangements with restaurants to ensure that we are all able to eat together.
There are 3 venues arranged for meals:
Thursday Evening: The Boar’s Head


The arrangements are complex as we have a very full day’s programme 
Traditional British Street-Food may feature
The evening is focused on managing the SEDETT sponsored Friday evening concert at the Three Tuns with
Phil Doleman & Ian Emmerson



An early evening meal for the whole partnership has been arranged at The Ganges:£15 per head (vegetarian options)
The timing of the meal allows for anyone wishing to attend the special Jazz and Blues event in the Three Tuns
Beki & her band (some are Bishop’s Castle residents) are shown performing at The Vaults Bishop’s Castle


The Dining Room of the Castle Hotel is reserved for the whole group
For those staying on Sunday evening – there is another concert in the Three Tuns – and it features ‘one of our own’: Bernard, a member of ‘The Men From Off’
There is a wonderful YouTube presentation of one of their most popular songs – which refers to an error made on an EU map in 2004, omitting Wales & resulting in Bishop’s Castle becoming a seaside town.

“BC on Sea”

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