The Volunteering Project: related UK activities

Following the W workshop in Bishop’s Castle the project developed activities in the partner countries.


In the UK there was a heritage based Volunteer Fair in September 2015

Visit a Heritage & Volunteering Fair 

located in the Grade II* listed and recently renovated Town Hall.

Bishop’s Castle Town Hall


The Heritage & Volunteering Fair

located in the Grade II* listed and recently renovated Town Hall. Up to 12 local heritage organisations will showcase what they do and promote the unique venues they care for. They will illustrate the work of their existing volunteers and publicise new opportunities and projects. The organisations will be encouraged to add interactive elements to their displays – such as objects to handle, quiz sheets and trails to follow.

On Sunday a Heritage Exhibition will be added in the Council Chamber, featuring aspects of the Town Hall’s 250 year history.

Event not suitable for children under the age of 8.

Opening Times

Saturday 12 September: 1000-1400

Sunday 13 September: 1400-1700


Though fully accessible, the Town Hall is on a 1 in 6 hill, so the approach is difficult if using a wheelchair. There is a dropping off point adjacent to the basement east side entrance which gives access to the lift and 3 internal toilets, including one which is fully accessible. There are 2 public toilets on the opposite side of the building. Parking near the Town Hall is limited to 1 disabled parking space below the Town Hall and on street space as available. There are 2 car parks within 250 metres downhill and there are no on street parking restrictions.


There are estimated to be over 70 known volunteer managed organisations in Bishop’s Castle & in the surrounding villages and communities there are a minimum of 5 voluntary agencies in each place.

Notices placed around the Fair explained the background & the recent Workshop:




The theme of heritage was presented in various ways – with individual voluntary groups providing information & opportunities for people to participate.








The Council Chamber of the Town Hall became a small cafe – as well as containing information about its own heritage:



All the above initiatives have created simple organisational structures that allow for development and continuity.

The key issue is to create also a ‘continuity of volunteering’ that brings in new members who commit, through their own time, energy and small scale financial support (such as membership fees). The Heritage Fair is, by demonstrating to a wider public the activity of each group, one way in which that process in maintained.


Further information about the project development is found on the following link:

Developing the project in the UK



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 more, including Partner Fairs in Lithuania, Latvia, Italy, Poland & Netherlands




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