There is an ancient Welsh saying:

‘Tri pheth a dylai dyn ystyried: Ble mae, O ble mae’n dod, a ble mae’n myned’

‘There are three things which a person should consider: where he is, where he is coming from, and where he is going’

These pages are about movement and change, of a passing from one place to another, of the encounters that occur, the discoveries made and the delights that result.

Following the creation of physical journeys over many years a company, ‘Pathways’, was established.

Pathways: I.D. is a Community Interest Company in the UK that encourages the use of journeys as a means of social and personal discovery – Journeys as a means of learning.

Journeys are created, routes are invented and followed & in the process it is hoped that participants learn more of themselves and the people and places: ‘the environments’, they encounter.

For over 40 years the main activity has been the slow creation of measured, purposeful ‘interloping’ journeys that become for those who wish, walked pilgrimages.

Since 1990 the journeys have involved creating partnerships across Europe in which participants share a project theme and travel to each other’s location, to share and to learn of the details, the similarities & differences that exist across the continent. Most of these partnerships have been funded by the EU Life Long learning Programme (‘LLP’) & ‘Erasmus Plus’.

Some of the recent pilgrimage journeys are recorded on this site. The partnership programmes usually have their own web sites.

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