Autumn between The Cities

A Journey, a walked pilgrimage, creating a route from Oxford to Birmingham,  through the Middle Lands and taken gently at a time of year when darkness inclines to close in on all.

It is an exploration of urban and rural landscapes, of places that figure large in the historic and present structure of Britain – the ‘heritage’ that all are encouraged to know and embrace.

The experience of following a direct trail between two important cities, provided an opportunity to experience land and people and for reflection on the revelations and discoveries that such a journey produces.

The interlopers were, at times, a focus for local activity and provided a means of developing their own approaches to the concept of pilgrimage.

The lack of daylight during late October/early November required each day to start early and finishing by 4 pm at the latest. The early arrival of darkness each day produces a walk of very different character to those conducted in the Spring of the year with, through the lack of daylight, a greater pressure on the walkers. The group carried its own equipment   and used village and church halls & churches for overnight accommodation.

Dates and route:

27th October 2010:

Assemble Oxford

28th October

To Woodstock


To Deddington


To Wroxton


To Ettington

1st November

To Stratford on Avon


To Henley in Arden


To Shirley


To Birmingham


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