UK: Seasonal Change

Pathways: Inspirational Development CIC is the project coordinator, having conceived and developed the project in 2013.

The Pathways contribution to the partnership project is to explore, in small rural communities on the Welsh-English Border & with partners across Europe, a series of events – some well established others created for and during the project life-time (2013 – 2015). The project development serves to stimulate new & positive community activities & support & enhance existing action. There is a strong seasonal element to much of the work.

The first year of the project contained the new initiatives with the second year reinforcing the actions through, where valuable, repeat actions.

The final event of the project, Midsummer Rejoicing, was the event at which the idea of creating an international partnership on ‘celebration’ was originally conceived.

Celebrating Seasonal Change.

The change from one season to another was traditionally very important – the nature of work on the land adjusted to the season & its weather – creating times for planting, tending, gathering. Shorter or longer amounts of daylight had profound impact on working and social lives.

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Many celebrations mark the changes in season. In rural areas such as the English – Welsh Border such seasonal changes still have a direct impact on working lives.

Thus at the beginning of winter 2013 Pathways created an activity that linking Hill Parish communities on the Welsh- English Border. The event  was based on the ancient festivals known as All Saints’ or All Hallows’ Day & All Souls’ Day – festivals traditionally preceded by  ‘Hallowe’en’ (which, thanks to successful marketing in the 1980s/1990s is frequently seen as an American import!).

The event created by Pathways was called

Celebratory Soul Searching  


The Soul-Cake Devotees

Other events include:

The Apple Wassail

Encircling Mystery at the Awakening of the Year

A Burns’ Night Lunch

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